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        Rooftop Prince: 1x1

        Rooftop Prince Capitulo 1

        Crown prince Lee Gak is furious after discovering crown princess was drowned. Lee Gak believes that crown princess was murdered, and determines to find out the real criminal. But his other subjects allege that this is not a case of homicide, but rather it’s caused by crown princess lost her footing and fell into water. In order to find out the truth, crown prince Lee Gak gathers Song Man Bo, Do Chi San and Woo Yong Sul. After finding out that there was eye-witness on the day the crown princess died, Lee Gak and his three entourages rush to the home of the man, but are chased by assassins to the cliff. On the other hand, Park Ha meets crown prince and his three entourages at the rooftop room.

        Rooftop Prince Capitulo 1
        Mar. 21, 2012
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