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        Rooftop Prince: 1x10

        Rooftop Prince Capitulo 10

        Se Na lied that Park Ha couldn’t keep an appointment, and she confesses to Lee Gak that she loves him. Park Ha saw the scene that Lee Gak and Se Na hugging, and leaves sadly. Park Ha hits a punch on Lee Gak through a basketball game. Lee Gak gets angry and doesn’t take out the birthday gift prepared to give to Park Ha. Man Bo and others buy the gift for the families after getting the wages, and tells Park Ha about their families in Joseon Dynasty. Park Ha learned from Man Bo that the purpose of their trip is to see the Se Na who is the reincarnation of the Crown Princess, Park Ha is shocked. Park Ha accidentally sent the SMS text message that contains her inner heart to Lee Gak. The regretful Park Ha tries in every possible way to disrupt Lee Gak from seeing the message.

        Rooftop Prince Capitulo 10
        Apr. 19, 2012
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